Planned Giving Programs

Helping your donors think ahead

Protexia helps leading charitable organizations to strategize about planned giving and implement programs for engaging donors.

A planned gift is a donation that requires no immediate cash outlay by the donor. It is a deferred donation that might be in the form of a bequest or a life insurance policy. The gift can take the form of money, property, or securities. The planned gift could be endowed, directed to a project, or simply flow to an organization’s operational coffers – all at the discretion of an informed and passionate donor.

Planned giving is growing in popularity, and is an exceptional vehicle for younger donors who might have a philanthropic spirit, but not much extra disposable income while raising children and building their careers.

To launch a planned giving program, charitable organizations require targeted approaches, effective messaging, and sound strategies to confirm planned gifts for the future without compromising today’s fundraising objectives. 

Protexia can get you started down the path.