Annual Campaigns

Achieving success, year after year

How do you go to the same donors year after year, keep them engaged, encourage bigger gifts than they gave last year, and make them feel good about it?

Maybe the answer lies in freshening up your direct mail program. Maybe you need to convert some donors from mail recipients to direct ask. Maybe the total campaign message needs to strike a new chord with your regular donors. Maybe it’s time for a major campaign event to motivate your donors and prospects.

Protexia understands the importance of an annual campaign. Not only is it the foundation of your revenue stream, it is an annual census of who cares about your cause, who has stopped caring, and who are the new donors you have attracted. Your annual campaign is as much a source of market intelligence as it is a source of revenue.

Let Protexia help you freshen up your annual appeal and study your performance to help achieve future success that is sustainable for the long term.